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We offer you high precision B2B and B2C business solutions, through our strong data support. We help businesses in different sectors to optimize their business operations by contacting newer customers and integrating targeted list with email campaigns.

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Our Services

Business offerings:

To shine like a pole star in corporate space, use our data resources and optimize your business performance. We aim to establish better communication between you and your customers by selling trusted data in different sectors. Our data help you to take confirmed business decisions and achieve your corporate goals through a better control on your business operations. We have following service offerings for you

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Our Clients

Get the extract of comprehensive market research by veteran professionals, who have served the industry at its core, and have helped many reputed organizations to attain their goals. These names are the measure of a new beginning in the new era of latest market developments.

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To attract potential leads, you need a proper understanding of your target group. If you understand the taste of the local people, you can make better business plans and implement your marketing strategies successfully. Therefore before launching any business project, you need a comprehensive approach to local data.

The data can be classified in two categories; first business data and second consumer data. Businesses and consumers are two important pillars of your business structure. Business to business and business to consumer relations play an important role in your corporate growth. The question arises, how you maintain these relations.

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Data Package 1

Real Estate

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  • Comprehensive, accurate and up to date property sales information
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Data Package 2


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  • A higher degree, a higher purpose.
  • Premier quality and trusted data.

Data Package 3

Business to Business

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  • Provide a new channel of communications with your customers
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Data Package 4

Business to Customers

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  • Instant Visibility in Front of your Customers
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Data Package 5

Reputation Management Data

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  • A bootstrapping process to build trust relationships.
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Data Package 6

Linkedin User Data

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  • Insight-driven results and is the exclusive provider of quality data.
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Data Package 7

Facebook User Data

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  • The latest market reports and data
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Data Package 8

Country Wise Data

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  • Bridging the gap between you and your potential customers
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All Categories

  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Business to Business
  • Business to Customers
  • Reputation Management Data
  • Country Wise Data
  • Facebook User Data
  • Linkedin User Data
What we offer!

As your trusted data service provider, we offer you:

  • Quality data leading to quality results.
  • Affordable solutions that address your business priorities.
  • complete satisfaction, absolute professional.
  • A higher-than-expectation delivery of desired results.
  • Marketing data intelligence on demand.
  • A lead generation campaign for you.
  • Guaranteed lead conversion.
  • Minimizing your indirect cost as well as maximizing your revenue margin